Our CMS has an integrated Google Map so you can search for your event locations and pre-populate you data fields saving you time to work on other things.

Auto-play media

A match made in heaven. Upload MP3 / MP4 files and attached them to Points of Interest on your event schedule. These files can be triggered automatically (optionally) when an app user approaches a GPS hot spot.

Auto Push Notifications

Attach GPS triggered notifications to any Point of Interest on you event schedule and you attendees can be notified on approach to a particular GPS hot spot. Our CMS will also let you broadcast push notifications to all devices subscribed to your event!

Custom Schedules

Create custom schedules with start and end times and even categorise your events so your attendees can filter search and create there own personal schedule.

Our platform builds apps with Augmented Reality maps which show your maps in live Street View fashion!

⁠⁠More than an event app. Eventro is an ecosystem.

You'll find eventro can be used for an event that lasts a day or an event that is on throughout the year...it’s still an event! Use our ecosystem to keep all your useful event information in a single place and simply publish with a single click.

Real Time Updates

Any changes made on our CMS will instantly update our apps so your attendees get the latest event information always.

Integrated Directions

App users can get instant directions to Points of Interest on your event schedule using Google or Apple Maps.


Add telephone numbers, emails, web addresses to each Point of Interest so your attendees can quickly connect directly from the app.

Events can be shared on Twitter, Facebook, SMS etc, so you attendees can tell there friends about your event and even share their location.


Attendees can be overwhelmed with event information, so we have included a way to tag events so attendees can create their own schedule.

Category Filters

Events can be colour coded and categorised by type so attendees can search for the things they are interested in.

“The eventro platform looks promising for distributing our events, the design and layout look great and the simplicity of the App works well. Having the app preview on the website makes a big difference and gives you a good feel for the functionality of the finished product.” – Allan Hamilton –


Create and share event schedules easily with your audience and help them get the most from your event. 

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“We help event organisers to easily create paperless event schedules and share them on an app, keeping their attendees in the loop”

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